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Life of Bri' n Chris is an 8 minute animated short film that premiered in 2016. Produced by Anthem and written and directed by Michael Wakelam, it tells a humorous tale of Bri', a Scottish common lizard, and Chris, a hapless Australian Chameleon.


The project took around 4 years and is a collaborative effort with artists and sponsors pooling talents to create the 8 minute film on almost no budget.


Initially screened at a private showing at Warner Bros in Soho, Life of Br'n Chris and is now available to watch online.


Jonathan Vickers voicing Bri'.

Michael Wakelam and Jonathan Vickers at a London screening.

The music and sound team. From right to left: Rohan De Livera (Composer), Justin Bryant (Sound Designer), Greg Moore (Music and Audio Supervisor)

Two champions of the project, Joao Nobrega (left) and Michal Nowacki.



We'd like to thank our sponsors for the project. Chaosgroup provided VRAY licenses for us for a LONG time - longer than initially agreed. And Rayvision provided their Fox Render Farm for us to use - also a lot more than initially agreed. Couldn't have done it without these great partners.

Full Credits:


Michael Wakelam: Writer/Director/voice of Chris

Denis Baudin: Modelling, Texturing

Ruha Merchant: Rigging

Joao Nobrega: Modelling, Texturing, Effect

David Davis: Animation

Michael Nowacki: Animation

Marque Pierre Sonderguard: Texturing

Bea Ujj: Animation

Greg Moore: Music and Audio Supervisor

Justin Bryant: Sound Design

Rohan De Livera: Composer

Ashley Bates: Credits Song

Olivier Antignac: Animation

Andre Cruz: Environment Modelling

Nicky Brown: Animation

Jonathan Vickers: Voice of Bri'

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